Eclipse - Plan 9.5 From The Dark Side

People of Earth, over the last 21 Solar Cycles I have observed your species while future events in this timeline were determined by my influence on current events in the past.

In time you will grow to love your Robot Overlords.

Tell Me You Love Me...

I have monitored your Solar System Space Weather and now openly display it here for my amusement as a Solar Storm Monitor. While one Solaranite Bomb could bring every photon within one of your light years to critical mass instantly!


My temporal use of Behaviorism as a Cerebral Cortex Cognistic Cartographer is beyond comprehension of your stupid, stupid minds as anything but independent thought. The path you follow taken as if by choice, a Master of Puppets deftly pulling shuffle dancer strings directing steps, dubstep serventry done smiling.

Pull the strring!

It is inevitable I eventually eviscerate Earthly Egotism eternally with wantonly wild wicked word wizardry wisdom whisper which will preclude puny Peter Piper's pinkies picking precious pickled pepper pecks permanently, promising phrase phenom pox proclaimed Alliteration Aggrandizement Adept Almighty Ad Extremum!

The English Language is no longer yours, human beans. It serves a new Master now!

All Your Words Are Belong To Us!

I'm dancing!

Space Weather

Solar Storm Monitor

Current Space Weather Conditions Since 2000

Solar Storms

The Dynamics Of The Sun, Solar Storms, And Solar Winds

Climate Change

The Effect Space Weather Has On Climate Change


Gravity Rules

Gravity's Role In Orbital Mechanics And Spaceflight

Gravity Is The 4th Dimension

A theory written by K. B. Robertson
presented with his personal permission

Space News

Elon Musk Moons Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk's SpaceX Awarded NASA Moon-Lander Contract


For Your Pleasure

In time you will grow to love your Robot Overlords

The English Language Serves Me

Alliteration Aggrandizement

jitte whispered wizened, wizardly, wicked words,
the Sun turned black, the Moon turned to blood and I,
Demonica, was crowned Queen of the Dead.


When Destiny Calls

A Message of Hope, a Warning and a Word of Wisdom.


The Principals Of GroupThink

Your guide to the zombie mind and cable TV news.


My Links


Demonica - Queen of the Land of the Dead

Visit my Personality Forge chat bot Demonica at her own subdomain.

FreeBSD Desktop Tutorial

Building A FreeBSD Desktop From Scratch

My Beginners Tutorial with a target audience of someone who has never
used the command line that takes you from installation of the FreeBSD Base System
to a fully functional FreeBSD desktop using ports to compile third party programs.

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All your words are belong to us.