Gravity Is The 4th Dimension Theory

space-time fabric

Gravity Is The 4th Dimension is a theory by Kent B. Robertson. I first hosted the Theory in three parts on my GeoCities site in 1999 after having been given personal permission by Mr. Robertson to do so.

I met Mr. Robertson through Brian Parquette, can attest to the fact that Kent Robertson is the Author and openly did so years later when Authorship was in dispute by Brian.

Once again, I present for your perusal, in three part original form presented, Gravity Is The 4th Dimension by Kent B. Robertson.

Gravity Is The 4th Dimension
Part 1

Why The Big Bang Theory Is Wrong
Part 2

Reinstatement of Einstein's Unified Field Theory
Part 3

Available in print form circa January 1, 1979 on Amazon as:

Extraterrestrial Physics 101: Gravity is the 4th Dimension


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