Alliteration Aggrandizement

Alliteration, assonance and consonance are literary devices literature artists artistically articulate.

Alliteration Aggrandizement is the use of these literary devices to tell a story in one continious, meaningful sentence in which all words begin with the same letter, and the same word may, or may not, be used more than once.

The traumatized townsfolk's tattered tapestries told torrid tales telling the time The Talker tiptoed to town, then the tickled titanium-tongue terror towered tall, treacherously throwing thunderous twisted temporal torrents tastelessly toward townspeople too tired to tango thus turning them totally to tears, triumphantly taking the tenure that turgid Titan to Tautology tenaciously took to totality.

Profusely proficient Pontification Pharaoh Pox prestigiously presented previously practiced premium phrases purposely producing problematic perplexity, pestering passionately pure people profoundly providing possessed pleasure, perhaps purging potentially pleased peering pedestrians permanently.

Crazy curmudgeon crackhead Crusty Charles carefully contemplated casually cruising cool carnival crowds, conscious cranky cross-eyed carnie clown crime crews carrying concealed cellphones could call concerned crafty Central City county cops close certainly catching cocaine crazed codgers compulsively chasing choice crying cuties, consequently confiscating criminal coke contraband, clobbering cross-examining coppers critically cracking Charley's crisp crew-cut cranium crown causing considerable cerebral consternation.

Lewd lascivious leather loving Larry learnedly lingered, lightly luring like-minded liberal loose ladies like lovely looking lean leotarded Lilly, leisurely lounging lazily, loud lengthy laughs lending levity, left lost letdown listless lovers laying lonely lest Lawrence later lifetime legalize Lil lovingly.

Illustriously illuminated incubus izezi infamously invented innumerable insanely invaluable invulnerable irresistible iridescent inklings, inferring incredible irrational irksome irreligious idiosyncrasies, intentionally interrupting idyllic isolationists intending insidious irritation, infinitely instituting irrefutable infernal indomitability.

Eleven enslaved evil elf entertainers enthusiastically engineered expelled engulfing explosives efficiently, eternally entertaining every enthroned enshrouded elven elder entity, enticingly enthralling entire excitedly engaged ensembles.

Very vigilant valiant Valkyries vaccinated vague vagarious vagrants vaingloriously vowing vicious violent valorous vindication verily vanquishing varicolored vandalous vaporized vampires.

Grand glorious grandiose greybeard Grandmaster Grandfather Gabriel grandly grandstanded grandiloquent, grabbing greater garnered granite ground grown grudgingly guarded guilelessly, guideless grubstake grumps grossly giving guised geared grubby guidebook garnered gratuitous guesswork, gregarious Grandparent going Gransnet groupie game goers granddaughter's groaningly girly grumbling given grandson's ghastly grave guffaws, gravity guided greasy grazing gnawing grey groundhogs gravely grating gowned Granny's genuinely grapevined gall greatly.

Outrageous Officiant Offensive Oratory Outlaw Orion offered Omnipotent Odin oddly odious opium oblation offerings, offbeat occult obsidian obelisks outlined offkey outwardly obscured outside of official offshore Occidental oceanographic offings, otherwise oblivious obstinate obstreperous odalisque occasionally obligingly obliging obviously obese obsequious onlooking oenophile occupants occupying odd obtuse obscure octagonal outdoor offshoots.

Prestigious pronoun prestidigitator Pronunciation Palatine Premiere perused poor paraphrased parodied people's previously pampered paradigm professionally paralyzed perpetually per purposely posing paradoxical perplexity permanently purely pleasuring perspicuous phantom Priests passionately pondering profusely proficient Pontification Pharaoh's phenomenally panther perfect performance, personably pausing, phrase phenom pox plucked precious Priestess Princess Poppy pretty poppies, personalizing picked posies, politely presented personally pleasantly...

Whiney wishfull wimpy wiskered wino weasle wrestlers wishing wrestle Wordplay Warrior Weixiong, when worthy wage war where words written would win worship world-wide without waiting, worthless whippersnapper wanting whipped wickedly.

Someone in the public eye has openly accepted my challenge in the same manner it was issued here. I have personally accepted and granted him a grace period to prepare but he's stretching it.

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